PIF for Kids

49 ways YOU can PAY IT FORWARD! ( for kids by kids)

Provided by the students at Wentworth School in Scarborough, Maine

If you have some more ways to pay it forward for kids please contact us and share. We would love to hear from you.

  1. Sit with someone who is sitting alone
  2. Invite people over who don’t usually have the opportunity to play at someone’s house
  3. Hold the door for a long line of people
  4. For your next birthday party, ask your guests to bring a donation for a charity rather than a birthday gift for you
  5. Donate clothes that don’t fit you any more
  6. Donate toys to an orphanage
  7. Donate animal toys to an animal shelter
  8. Set up a lemonade stand and give the money to charity
  9. Give someone something you really like that you know they need or will enjoy
  10. Read to someone who can’t read
  11. Send a card to a nursing home
  12. Help your parents by doing extra chores
  13. Babysit a younger brother or sister without expecting anything in return
  14. Help in the garden
  15. Pick up trash outside at places like the woods, beaches, or even along the side of the road
  16. Mow someone’s lawn for free
  17. Water someone’s plants,   garden, or flowers
  18. Shovel snow for people
  19. Clean and make a path to a fire hydrant after a snow storm
  20. Do yard work for another person- pick up sticks and branches or rake leaves
  21. Wash somebody’s car
  22. Clean snow off someone else’s car after a storm
  23. Walk someone’s dog
  24. Help someone load their groceries into their car or carry them into their house
  25. Make sweets and give them to someone
  26. Donate a few dollars to someone to buy food if they can’t afford it
  27. Give canned food to a food pantry
  28. Give people gift cards to food or clothes stores
  29. Make a “Birthday Box” for someone that would not otherwise get anything for their birthday.
  30. Send flowers to someone you don’t know in a nursing home.
  31. Give someone working outdoors a warm drink to keep them warm.
  32. Encourage adults to donate blood
  33. Encourage adults to register to donate organs
  34. Visit patients in a hospital
  35. Send a card to a soldier
  36. Give a helping hand when you see someone carrying a lot of stuff
  37. Train your pet to be a volunteer and visit hospitals and nursing homes
  38. Give up your seat for someone who needs it more
  39. Volunteer at a senior center
  40. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  41. Help in a soup kitchen
  42. Pay for someone’s food or drink
  43. Take time to teach someone a skill that you know
  44. Help an adult jump start someone’s car
  45. Put extra money in a vending machine
  46. Leave encouraging notes in a library book or somewhere unexpected
  47. Put a quarter in a parking meter that’s about to expire
  48. Let the person directly behind you in line you go before you
  49. Check on your neighbors during very hot weather, very cold weather, or after a storm.

When someone wants to repay you for something, ask them to instead PAY IT FORWARD!

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