PAY IT FORWARD Friday…10/25/2013

October 25thm 2013 PAY IT FORWARD Friday Act of Kindness


 Compliment Someone’s Kids Friday


Today’s act of kindness…Anyone who has kids takes pride in them. We all think our kids are the best kids on earth and love them so much BUT when someone else notices something in our kids that is special is means so much to us. So today take a moment to point our and compliment someone about his/her child/children.   Enjoy your PAY IT FORWARD Friday everyone!!!!


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30 Seconds to Death…One Man’s Story of Observing Our Local Heroes Performing a Miracle

L to R: Ofc. Dean Hannon II, FF/Paramedic Dean Belanger, FF Joey Haberny, FF David Webb, FF/EMT Brandon Brichetto, FF Dave Kroll, FF/EMT-I Chad Charland, Ofc. Ted Hatch


30 Seconds To Death


April 15th, 2013, 6:50 pm…most everyone has the nightly news on watching the video footage of the Boston Marathon bombings. I have never been big on watching the news although I did catch bits and pieces of it earlier in the day and knew what was going on. I figured I would wait and sort through the stories later to find the heart warming, hero stories that come out of events such as this, proving the goodness in the majority of people instead of the evil in a few.

Instead of staying home to watch the news I decide to head to a men’s group meeting at church like I have many times on Monday evenings. I have always enjoyed the camaraderie and the uplifting message that is so often shared at these meetings and today I felt like I needed this more than ever.


As I enter the room the men are sitting in a horseshoe style format with our leader up front speaking. I pull up a chair just behind everyone so I can not only listen but also play with my phone with out everyone noticing. As I listen to the message and look through my phone, little do I know that my life is about to change forever. Little do I know the life of someone whom I have never met is in extreme danger in a room right across the hall. Little do I know of the events that are about to take place.
Suddenly the door opens to the room and in walks a little girl. She seems a little anxious and speaks in a hurried manner with a tone that comes across as a little scared. She speaks loudly enough so all of us can hear and says…” I think the woman needs help, she fell down and is not talking.”

My heart quickly sinks as I stand up and hurry across the hall into the other room. Three other men do the same. As I enter the room I see a woman laying on the floor with her eyes wide open but her body in a very rigid catatonic state. As I kneel to try and speak with her she stares right into my eyes but is unable to say anything. I hear a voice say, “let’s move her away from these chairs.” Her body is up on her side with part of her back up against the legs of some stacked chairs. We slowly move her away from the chairs so she is lying flat on the floor. I hear the guys behind me talking on the phone sharing the address of the church. I reach down for her wrist to check for a pulse. It is very faint so I move to her neck and still, I can only find a very faint pulse. Another man is up towards her head and he is trying to get her jaw unlocked. She continues to stare into my eyes as I speak to her. There is no response. Another man standing behind me grabs her hand and just holds it. I can still hear someone talking on the phone. I move my hand back to her wrist to try to find her pulse again. The faint pulse I had earlier is gone so I move back to her neck, that pulse is gone too.

I look back at her eyes and still she continues to stare into mine but this time there seems to be more intensity as if she is trying to talk to me. Her white face is now turning blue. More and more blue, my heart sinks even further as I know what has to be done. It has been years since I was certified in CPR but I have to try. I have to! The man at her head works hard to get her jaw to unlock so he can open her mouth so we can start CPR. Finally…her mouth is open. Without even speaking to each other we both just know we have to do. He starts breathing and I start chest compressions. Oh Lord, please, Oh Lord please I just keep saying to myself. I look into her eyes again and this time her eyes speak back to me…”please help me, please help me”. “ Come on you can do this, you got this, please Lord, please,” I just keep saying to myself over and over. “ You can do this, you have to live” We stop and check for a pulse again, I think I might have one but it is so light that maybe it’s my imagination just hoping. Then it sounds like she is taking a breath, but again not sure as it may just be air coming back out the man put into her. We have to keep going I think to myself and again with out saying a word we start up again. I look back into her eyes again as they begin to close…”Help me, HELP ME” they say to me. Suddenly I see a tear start to form in one corner of her eye.  As her eyes close the tear slowly slides down the side of her face.

Without warning another man walks into the room. It’s a policeman. He kneels down and opens up his bag. “Continue chest compressions,” he says to me as he sets up leads onto her chest and places a device into her mouth. I continue chest compressions as he continues to work. He asks me to stop and move away…”CLEAR” he yells and a second later her body jumps as the electricity passes through it.

The civilians who helped save a life that night. L-R Back Paul Lambert, Charles Carman, Clint Steele, Tom Pequinot
Front Row- Carlie Carman, Brooke Carman


Several more men walk into the room. I get up and move out of the way to allow them to do what they do. As I step back I am in awe of how these men are working together and talking to each other. Like a well-oiled machine they work. I keep hearing one of the police officers asking the EMT how long. 10 minutes. Then again… 12 minutes. The men continue to work. “Clear,” again her body jumps as the electricity passes through it. Three men trade off chest compressions. Another man is placing an IV into her arm. “What’s the time?” I hear again. “15 minutes”

Please Lord, please Lord I just keep saying to myself. The men continue to work, they are so calm and cool but as time goes by I can tell they are all growing more and more concerned.

Every so often they seem to get a heart beat but then it seems it is lost again, but I really can’t tell what is going on as I am trying to keep my distance. “Time,” I hear again. “18 minutes, CLEAR” her body shakes again as the electricity passes through it. “Please Lord, please, “ I just keep saying to myself.

”Ok we got it.” One man says. “Time?” “19 minutes and 30 seconds”. “Let’s transport her”.

Two of the men run out and bring back a hard board. The men work together to put her on the board. Finally she is on her way out to the ambulance and heading to the hospital, it felt as though it may never come.

Three of us watch as they upload her into the ambulance. One of the policemen walks over to us and says, “well she is headed to the hospital but she is not out of the woods.” He explains to us that if they had reached 20 minutes without detecting a specific pulse, they would not have been able to transport her.
Later while at the hospital the doctor informs us the woman is not doing well. They are going to induce a medical coma and they have no idea what will happen when they bring her out. The doctor continues to tell us that even if she does come out of the coma ok her brain went long periods of time with no oxygen so not to expect much.

Two days later I head back to the hospital to see her. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if she were ok” I say to myself as I approach the ICU unit. The nurses direct me to her room and as I approach I see a woman sitting upright in bed watching TV. I am amazed. I walk in and introduce myself for the first time. WOW…it is like nothing every happened. She even says to me, “ I don’t know why I am here, I feel fine.”

A miracle? As I spoke with doctors and the men at the scene that Monday night I believe it was a miracle. This woman happened to be at church. If she had not come to church that night to watch a few kids she would have been at home where no one was home nor would have been home for some time. The little girl who walked over to us knowing something was wrong. 19 minutes and 30 seconds…30 more seconds and she would not have been transported to the hospital. The medics, policemen, firemen and doctors at the hospital, all of whom have been doing this for years and years, are amazed that this woman is alive, let alone fine.

30 seconds from death? Maybe…or maybe it is someone wanting you to be in awe of Him. For me it is the latter.


I believe that God works through us. I believe that God worked through many men and one little girl that night. All of who stepped up and made it happen.

Now more than ever I have the utmost respect for our local heroes, our policemen, firemen and paramedics. All of you are incredible! The way you all worked that night was inspiring. My hat is off to all of you.


To the men and the one little girl who stood up at that men’s group meeting to lead and to aid someone whom you didn’t even know…you are incredible and I am proud to have served with you!


We were all an instrument of God that night. Thank you!


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Started in Baltimore, MD, USA


( From Wikipedia)- Arthur Bertram Modell[1] (June 23, 1925 – September 6, 2012) was an American businessman, entrepreneur and former National Football League team owner. He owned the Cleveland Browns franchise from 1961–95 and the Baltimore Ravens franchise from 1996–2004.




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1000 Acts of Kindness in 100 Minutes…

What a fantastic day. Check out the youtube video here. More live events coming soon…all over the world. Make sure to check back and JOIN US!!!!



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