PIF Friday August 23rd, 2013- Post It Note Friday!!!! : )

August 23rd, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness


Find a stack of post it notes you have lying around, you know you have them. Now take out one at a time and simply write a note of encouragement, a positive message or anything to bring a smile to someone’s day and leave a trail wherever you go. : )

Here are a few of mine. I post a couple in the Panera I worked at this morning and a few more I will be leaving as I go about my day.

Simple enough and yet you never know who you might touch today with a simple note of encouragement.

Have fun and please be sure to send us your pics and your comments so we can share on our facebook, twitter, our website and more.
















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Imagine every Friday tens of thousands of people across the world performing a specific act of kindness, the same act of kindness to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people, proving the awesome POWER OF KINDNESS!

This is what PAY IT FORWARD Fridays is all about.

Upon setting and acting on my goal of inspiring over 1 million acts of kindness in 1 year I have encountered the following statement time and time again…” I want to do something to make the world a better place but I don’t know how.”

PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS will change ALL that!!!

Every Friday we will send you an early morning email that will reveal the specific act of kindness that will be performed that day. This act of kindness will be simple, will usually be FREE or cost less than a couple of dollars and will take no more than 10-15 minutes to perform.

This simple act will not only improve your day but it will improve the day for someone else. In addition we hope it will start you and others on journey where you will not only see opportunities to PAY IT FORWARD on Friday but also everyday.

It is really as simple as that.

Please join us by signing up for our free weekly PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS email here. We promise never to share our emails with anyone else and we also promise to send no more than one email a week. You can stop them at anytime.

Join us today and let’s change the world!!!


  • A Pay It Forward Fan... says:

    May 10th PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness
    Today take 10 minutes to stand in a doorway that is fairly busy and hold it open for people. Each time someone walks through the door simply say…HAVE A NICE DAY! Cost- nothing. Time-1 0 minutes. Try it and see if you don’t feel better and see how many smile you put on people’s faces.

    • A Pay It Forward Fan... says:

      I did this today and it was a blast. At first I thought, hmmm this is kind of crazy, but as I stood there and just smiled at people and told them to have a nice day I started to get this wonderful feeling inside. It didn’t matter if the person smiled back, responded or not, it was so much fun. Thanks for sharing this idea with me. I LOVED IT and will be looking forward to performing more PAY IT FORWARD Fridays with you. THANKS

      Laurie from Portland, Maine


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