November 15th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS Act of Kindness

ROAD Kindness Friday


How often do we hear about someone getting cut off in traffic and just losing it. ROAD RAGE…well today let’s practice ROAD KINDNESS. Today ( and every day for that matter) let’s really work on letting people in front of us for no other reason than just to be kind.

Today while driving to work, running errands, driving home from work…wherever you happen to be driving…take a deep breath and demonstrate ROAD KINDNESS!!!


Check out an actual demonstration here. Enjoy




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3 Most Important Things I Learned On My Goal To 1 Million Acts of Kindness


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Pay It Forward Friday- September 13th, 2013


September 13th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness

Today’s act of kindness is so simple and yet so often overlooked. How many times have you had poor service or an issue with some kind of service and you immediately ask for the manager to complain or deal with the issue at hand? Now in comparison how many times have you had good or great service and never asked to speak to a manager to let him/her know of the awesome service you just had? In most cases it is usually the negative experiences that most often get the attention. Well today we are going to change that and hopefully make a decision to change this more in the future.
Today you will surely be served by someone. It may be at a coffee shop, it may be at the local cleaners, it may be at a local restaurant or it may even be a cashier at the grocery store. As this happens today I want you to focus on something positive that happens during the interaction. Then I simply want you to ask for the manager once that transaction is done. Please notice the reaction of the server at this time. When the manager arrives simply tell the manager of the positive experience you just had and make sure to compliment the server.

This is a great way to PAY IT FORWARD today and it will cost you NOTHING!!!!


Change a life today for the better.



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PIF Friday August 23rd, 2013- Post It Note Friday!!!! : )

August 23rd, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness


Find a stack of post it notes you have lying around, you know you have them. Now take out one at a time and simply write a note of encouragement, a positive message or anything to bring a smile to someone’s day and leave a trail wherever you go. : )

Here are a few of mine. I post a couple in the Panera I worked at this morning and a few more I will be leaving as I go about my day.

Simple enough and yet you never know who you might touch today with a simple note of encouragement.

Have fun and please be sure to send us your pics and your comments so we can share on our facebook, twitter, our website and more.
















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PIF Friday…Jluy 26th, 2013…THE WAVE!!!

July 26th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness


This is so much fun!!! As you are walking down the street or the mall or the park or where ever you might see some strangers simply pick up your hand and wave at them. If you want add a “HEY” or add a  YOU ROCK or just whatever.

Have fun with it and make someone smile today and make someone’s day better.




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Advertiser Testimonial from Merry Maids

At Merry Maids, our whole philosophy and mission statement is rooted in service to others. It is easy to lose sight of this basic fundamental however, becoming consumed with staffing, financials, logistics, well, you know what I am talking about. We became aware of Dr. Clint Steele and his Pay it Forward movement in the spring of 2013 at a local business breakfast in Scarborough. This basic concept of doing little things for others, in an either calculated or random fashion, was very attractive to me, both professionally and personally. Helping others is nothing new, and all of us do it every day through our business or as friends, parents, leaders, etc. However, this conscious effort to perform random acts of kindness takes little effort on our part, and makes a huge difference. Our business has been growing over the past couple years, and I am convinced that a large part of our success has been our focus on helping others. Is helping others good for business? It sure is. Customers, especially customers in Maine, love to support a company that they know is using some of their money to help other hard working Mainers. The Pay it Forward concept is a fun concept as well, because something as simple as paying for someone’s coffee in line, can make their day and even possibly change their position on human nature! Wow, now there is a lofty thought, but certainly not out of reach. We love supporting Pay it Forward Magazine both through the purchase of ad space, and the promotion of their mission to our staff and customers. It has proven to be a very positive endevour that has sparked enthusiasm in our staff, which has led to greater productivity at work. We are looking forward to continuing to be a part of this awesome project and magazine.
Benjamin Sholl Owner Merry Maids 254 US Rte 1 Scarborough, Maine   04074 207-883-2225


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July 19th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness


I love this idea. I first came across it a few years ago but was recently reminded by it in a recent issue of PAY IT FORWARD x 1 Million Magazine. As I interviewed Ben Sholl of Merry Maids, he shared a story about a free house clean they did for a woman who had just lost her dear husband to brain cancer. As they entered the house to do the clean, they were told they could clean the whole house except for the upstairs bedroom mirror. Hmmmm wonder why…well when they got to the bed room they soon realized why they were not to clean the mirror. Written on the mirror, in black marker, were the words from the husband to his wife prior to his death…” I will always be with you honey, I will love you always.” WOW… words from her deceased husband, written with his own hand and she did not want that gone, EVER!!!!

The other day in a networking meeting were challenged ( thanks SHARON LITTLE) to take a dry erase marker and simply write something positive in the mirror for each of us to see each day. I will add, not only us personally but anyone else who uses that mirror. Something positive, something encouraging, something inspiring…so as we look into that mirror we see ourselves and the see the positive wording with that at the same time and associated ourselves with something positive. SO POWERFUL!!!

Today’s act of kindness is for YOU and for those you are the closest. Simple take a dry erase marker ( make sure it is not a Sharpee unless you want it to stay permanently) and write something positive, encouraging, motivational, empowering of encouraging in one, or more, of your mirrors today. Leave it there for at least the next week or perhaps change it from time to time or better yet have each person in your household take turns writing something positive on the mirror each day.



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PAY IT FORWARD Friday July 11th, 2013

July 12th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness

Very simple. Make someone smile today. Actually , let’s make it worthwhile, make 10 people smile today. Your choice on how you want to do it. You can leave a note. You can share a joke. You can give a sincere compliment. You can buy someone a coffee. You can simply smile at someone until they smile back. Whatever you want to do….simply make 10 people smile today. PAY IT FORWARD by improving someone’s day today.

Please help share the act of kindness today. Share the email or the post on Facebook but please let’s get the word out and share with as many people as possible. Our goal it to have 100,000 people each Friday performing an act of kindness to someone and expecting nothing in return.


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PAY IT FORWARD Friday, July 5th, 2013

July 5th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness


Today’s act of kindness may seem small but it may not be small to someone else AND it may lead to something very big!!!

Here it is…place a dollar bill in an envelope with a note that reads:


If you are in need of some cash please feel free to use this. If you are in a position to be able to add to the money in this envelope please do so then PAY IT FORWARD and give it to someone so they can either use the money or add to it as well.


Enjoy your day and remember to always be on the look out to PAY IT FORWARD!!!!

Please help spread the word. If you are not signed up please do so on our website today and if you are signed up please ask 2 friends to join you. THANKS


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90 Day HUG Challenge

Do we dare? Do you dare?

Do you think a hug can improve your day? Do you think it could improve someone else’s day? Is a hug an act of kindness? Can you PAY IT FORWARD with a hug?

Let me share a story with you….A few years ago I was a practicing chiropractor. In addition I practiced acupuncture. One day a lady in her early 70′s came in with terminal cancer. She wanted to know if acupuncture could help her with her pain or with the cancer. I explained that it might help her with pain control. So we began treatment. This lady was a bitter woman, she was pretty angry at the world. Rarely smiled if ever and was just not a pleasant person. As treatment continued no progress was really being made. I could tell she was heading down hill pretty fast.

One day she came in and for no specific reason I decided to give her a hug. I asked her first, she said yes and I did. She left and the next time she came in I gave her a hug again. I explained to her that the power of human touch and sharing love through a hug might help her…not really know this for sure , I asked her to start giving 3-4 hugs a day to people. She said she would. Not too long after that she stopped coming in and I never heard from her. A few months went by and we were told that she had passed away.

About a year later I was filling my gas tank at a local gas station. A gentleman was behind me in his car filling his tank. As he was he said, ” Are you Dr. Steele?” I said yes I am why. He stopped pumping his gas and walked over to me and shook my hand. As he did he said, THANK YOU!!!

A little confused, I said, “For what?” He said do you remember a patient you told to start giving hugs? I said yes I do. ” That was my mom. She passed away a number of months ago but she was a different woman when she passed away. My mom had become bitter and angry and when you told her to start hugging people she started to change. Her last couple of months of her life were some of the most loving times we have experience with her. She was no longer bitter and angry but instead loving and caring and it is because of the hugs she started giving to everyone. So THANK YOU!!!”

I said your welcome and finished pumping my gas, got into my truck drove down the street and started crying like a little baby. I had no idea telling her to give those around her hugs would make a difference. I thought it might but I had no idea. This man totally touched my heart by sharing that story with me and something I will never forget. Prior to that time in my life I rarely gave hugs…since that time I give many, many hugs each and every day.

So here is what we are doing and I challenge you to take me up on this. Not only do I ask that you take me up in this challenge but I ask that you challenge your family, your co workers, your friends and neighbors as well to take the challenge.

I PROMISE YOU THIS!!!! It will change your life for the better…and if it doesn’t I will give you a full hug back guarantee!!

Take the challenge.

Challenge starts on June 28th, 2013 and runs til September 28th, 2013. By the way this is the same day my 1 million acts of kindness goal ends. So I need your help….PLEASE. If 9,000 people take this challenge I will reach my million acts of kindness. Will you help and will you take the challenge to change your life for the better not to mention the days of so many others?

To take the challenge simply do this.

Please go to our face book page and go to the events tab. There you will see an event for the 90 DAY HUG Challenge. Please attend and make a note on the challenge. Then please invite your friends. ALL OF THEM. And not only invite them but tag the pictures on their wall, post on their wall, scream it out via twitter…pick up the phone, anything and everything.


Thanks so much!!!!


Let’s change the world…one hug at a time!!!!


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