Imagine every Friday tens of thousands of people across the world performing a specific act of kindness, the same act of kindness to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people, proving the awesome POWER OF KINDNESS! This is what PAY IT FORWARD Fridays is all about. Upon setting and acting on my goal of inspiring over 1 million acts of kindness in 1 year I have encountered the following statement time and time again…” I want to do something to make the world a better place but I don’t know how.” PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS will change ALL that!!! Every Friday we will send you an early morning email that will reveal the specific act of kindness that will be performed that day. This act of kindness will be simple, will usually be FREE or cost less than a couple of dollars and will take no more than 10-15 minutes to perform. This simple act will not only improve your day but it will improve the day for someone else. In addition we hope it will start you and others on journey where you will not only see opportunities to PAY IT FORWARD on Friday but also everyday. It is really as simple as that. Please join us by signing up for our free weekly PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS email here. We promise never to share our emails with anyone else and we also promise to send no more than one email a week. You can stop them at anytime. Join us today and let’s change the world!!! Sign up here.

See below our weekly PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS Acts of Kindness.


November 15th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS Act of Kindness

ROAD Kindness Friday


How often do we hear about someone getting cut off in traffic and just losing it. ROAD RAGE…well today let’s practice ROAD KINDNESS. Today ( and every day for that matter) let’s really work on letting people in front of us for no other reason than just to be kind.

Today while driving to work, running errands, driving home from work…wherever you happen to be driving…take a deep breath and demonstrate ROAD KINDNESS!!!

Check out an actual demonstration here:




November 8th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS Act of Kindness

Encourage a Stranger

We all have bad days, we all have down times and periods in our lives where things just seem to never go our way. It is during these times a word of encouragement can go a long way. Sometimes it comes from a loved one or a friend but sometimes that encouragement can come from a total stranger and the strange thing is….sometimes the encouragement from a stranger goes a lot further than from a loved one.

So today I am asking you to encourage a stranger or even someone you don’t know very well. I will even take it a step further this week and ask that you encourage a stranger I am going to encourage. His name is Aaron. He is the son of a facebook friend of mine. He has found himself in the middle of a hard time right now and is currently serving a sentence in prison. I do not know how long, I do not know why all I know is that he is going through a tough time and with the holidays close at hand he is growing more and more discouraged. So with your help maybe we can send him some encouragement so he can make it through this tough time in his life.


Here is the message from his mom:
I hate to ask for help, but I need to.  Holidays are already hard on inmates so God gave me an idea.
I’m asking for anyone who feels led, to send him a note of encouragement. {especially MEN} I want him to be bombarded over the next 30 days with whatever God lays on someone’s heart to share with him. …I just think it would be good for him to hear from other people besides his parents. Plus, kids don’t always hear what mom and dad have to say.

If you send a card, keep it plain…no glitter, music, etc. they will throw it away or return it to you if it has any of those things because they’re SO picky.


Thank you so much, I appreciate you!

Aaron Chealey #78085 2110 N. 20th St. East Omaha, NE 68110


Thanks everyone. Enjoy your Friday!!!!

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