KIDS WITH HEARTS- Valentines Day

On February 14th, 2013 we want EVERYONE to know what it feels like to be loved. For this reason we are teaming up with elementary school children, girl scouts, boy scouts, sunday school classes and anyone with a heart for others worldwide to send a card of LOVE to those who may not feel loved on the day when EVERYONE SHOULD FEEL LOVED!!! These hand made cards will be delivered to homeless shelters, battered women facilities, orphanages, shut-ins, hospice facilities, nursing homes, prisons and any other facility where people may not be receiving a Valentines Day card.

OUR GOAL:  1 MILLION Valentine’s Day Cards delivered on February 14th, 2013 to people who would not normally receive a card- all made by kids… or anyone who has a heart.  In addition to the cards each child will receive a Pay It Forward x 1 Million Wristband to wear as a reminder to always be kind and think of others/paying it forward and one also to give away in their card so the receiver of the card will also remember to Pay It Forward.



HOW: Volunteers( moms, dads, teachers, teacher assistants, principles, adminstrators, high school teens, girl scout or boy scout leaders, youth group leader, Sunday school teachers and anyone with a heart) will help us partner with elementary schools, elementary classes or grades, girl scouts, boy scouts, sunday school classes and any other type of youth group to share the concept of Paying It Forward and helping kids make Valentines Day cards. These cards will then be distributed to nursing homes, homeless shelters,  battered women shelters, orphanages, hospice care facilites and any other facility where people are not likely going to be recieving any Valentines Day cards on this day of LOVE!

We are looking for regional directors to help us locate facilites in your area where cards can be distributed as well as help to recruit people to make cards. In addition we are looking for local directors to assist with local classes, grades, schools, troops etc in the making of the cards and in some cases actually delivery of the cards. More info regarding these positions below.

WHEN: We need the cards to be delivered prior to Valentines Day so the cards can be in the hands of people on Valentines Day. Cards can be made anytime between now and February 13th as long as the cards can get to their destination by the 13th of February. In some cases these cards will need to be mailed however in most cases these cards will be delivered by hand to local locations with in driving distance.

WHERE: Global. We are looking for as many people as possible to particpate in this project. It does not matter how big or how small. Please just get involved and help a child make a card. 1 child or 200 children…they ALL matter!!!

WHO: We need moms, dads, teachers, anyone who loves kids, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, teacher assistants, principles, administrators, high schools student volunteers, older brothers and sisters and anyone who has a heart and wants to make a difference.

Please contact us at to let us know you will be getting involved and at what level. Once we know you are on board we will design a facebook page for your region and start promoting.

Any and ALL material needed to get this promoted will be provided by PIFx1M. This includes videos, logos, letters, phone dialogue if needed and anything else you will need to help get this off the ground in your area. Can you help us?

Below is a list of the two positions we are looking to fill and the list of duties. Really we need bodies.


Regional Coordinators (town/city/county or even state):  If interested we will provide you with a detailed step by step list of exactly what is needed and what to do along with any material you will need to do this job. This includes phone diologue, letters etc etc.

A)    Help finding elementary schools who want to get involved with this amazing project. This will be mostly through social media however should you wish we will provide you with letters and phone dialogue should you wish to send letters or make phone calls.

B)     To find locations in your area where cards can be delivered. This can include orphanages, homeless shelters, retirement/elderly homes, hospice care facilities, hospitals, prisons, battered women shelters and any other place you can find where people may be on their own and will most likely not be receiving any cards on Valentines Day. In some cases you may need to help get these cards delivered. Letter and phone dialogue will be provided.

C)    To help us find local businesses that may like to get involved in supporting this event in your area. Most of this will be done on a national/international level however any help in this area would be appreciated if you have contacts. These businesses may include sponsors of PIFx1M wristbands, office supply stores or craft stores who may donate items to make cards or any other businesses that may be pertinent to this project.

D)    Help to recruit and educate moms, dads, teachers, and administrators as to what we are doing, how to get it done and help to get as much support as possible. This will be done mainly via social networking however local contacts will be crucial to helping advance this project. In many cases we will find the local school/grade/class coordinator and connect them with you as the regional director.

E)     Help update your regional event page on FB. (example the main FB page with be PIFx1M Kids with Hearts. This main site will then link to your local site which may be PIFx1M Kids With Hearts Denver or PIFx1M Kids With Hearts Boston etc.)


PLEASE NOTE: The main responsibility here is A. The other areas you will have help with and are not specific to your responsibilities as a Regional Coordinator however any areas that you can assist in B-D would be great.


Local Coordinators (School/Grade/Class ): Moms/Dads, teachers, teacher assistants, administrators or whomever would like to get permission from your school or teacher to set aside an hour during the school day to allow the kids to make a Valentines Day card. If interested we will provide you with a detailed step by step list of exactly what is needed and what to do along with any material you will need to do this job. This includes phone diologue, letters etc etc.

A)  Provide a video or you yourself speak in front of the class/school or put someone in charge of speaking to the class/school as to why we are Paying It Forward and making cards for people who may not otherwise receive a card on this day with LOVE. See sample video here or you can use this video (to be included soon). If needed we can also skype a presentation.

B)   Help oversee the project, taking pictures and video of the kids preparing the cards and making sure they get loaded to the facebook page and to us so we can get them out as well. (schools will need to provide permission waivers for their child to be in pics/videos. In many cases schools have a general waiver signed at the start of the year however if they do not then we will need them/see enclosed).

C)  If needed you may need to help get materials for the project. In some cases, nationally and internationally, we may be able to help fund this or get some materials donated via our contacts. In some other cases you may find local craft stores/office supply stores will donate the materials needed. (see letter enclosed). D)  In many cases you will be in charge of taking the finished cards to local facilities to be delivered.



If you would like to volunteer for one of these positions or feel you can provide help to us in some other way please contact us ASAP. Time is of the essence and we need all the help we can get in as little time as possible.


Please contact me via facebook, email @ or call me at 207-240-4908 or skype drcs56


Thanks so much


Paying It Forward x 1 Million,


Dr. Clint Steele, DC, CSCS


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