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We would LOVE to come to your school.

What could be better than to teach the future of this world how to PAY IT FORWARD? To teach them and let them experience the POWER OF KINDNESS! To teach them that giving to others is rewarding and not only helps to improve their own life but the lives of others. To teach them that THEY can MAKE A DIFFERENCE for the better!!!

What a gift!!!

Here is how it works.

We can present to schools with students of any age group. The presentation is fun, energetic and interactive. The students LOVE IT! There is no cost other than what is paid to purchase the wristbands ( see below).

In addition the presentation will teach the students the benefits of being kind, not only for others and their community but for themselves.

When applicable ( and this is what we recommend) each class who will attend the presentation will have some time prior to the presentation to discuss acts of kindness and the concept of PAY IT FORWARD.  If need we can provide material specifically for each age group. In addition there should be a plan to follow up the presentation to make sure the students follow through. Again for support material for this please let us know and we can provide some additional material.

The real key to this presentation is the PAY IT FORWARD x 1 MILLION wristbands. ( In some cases schools have the fund to purchase these and in some cases we will find or help find sponsors in the area to purchase the wristbands)

During the presentation the bands are introduced. ( these bands can be given out prior to the presentation of the day following the presentation). Each band will have the website on it, plus a keyword, most school use the school name as the keyword. The bands will also be in the school colors so the students will be proud to wear them.

One wristband is for each student to wear each day. To remind them to be kind and help others. The other wristband is for each student to actually go out into the community, outside of the school or family, and in a safe environment actually perform and act of kindness for someone. When they do they will then give the wristband to that person and ask them to PAY IT FORWARD.

The plan is then that this person will go to the website and look up the keyword. When they search this keyword they will be taken to a page on the website that describes what the students are doing and it will also list any sponsors. The new owner of this band will be encouraged to leave a message sharing how the act of kindness made a difference in their day and then they are also encouraged to go out and PAY IT FORWARD themselves and pass the band on to someone else.

Now students can check the website and search the keyword and track the bands to find out how they have made a difference in the lives of others.

SO….now it’s your turn.

Contact us to find out how we can make an appearance at your school, either live or over skype.

Can’t wait!!!

Please see below a few clips from some of the presentations that have been given as well as some testimonials from teachers, principles and asst. principles.



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