PIFx1M Person/Student of the Week

Paying it forward is not about wanting to be noticed or recognized or even acknowledged. That is NOT why people PAY IT FORWARD!!!

That doesn’t mean we can’t do it for them though. ; )

Every so often we will come across someone whom we feel deserves to be recognized for their efforts. Our focus in on today’s youth but we will accept nominations for ANYONE paying it forward.

We call it the PIFx1M Person of the Week. It may not happen every week but when it does happen we will make sure others know about it. In addition to being recognized students will receive a certificate suitable for hanging plus a gift certificate to a local ice cream/frozen yogurt location.

If you would like to nominate a person/student for this award please email us at drcs56@yahoo.com or contact us through our contact page with all the details.

October 28th- 2012
Saydee- age 5
Mission Viejo, CA
From her mother: My heart is leaping with joy.  Today outside the preschool a special needs teacher walked up and asked me if I was Saydee’s mom.  She told me that Saydee has been helping in the preschool class with one of the special needs little girls (down syndrome) and the teacher was amazed at how much Saydee’s friendship with this little girl had helped her.  Then she went on to tell me that Saydee holds her hand during lessons and helps her with whatever she needs.  The teacher said that she is blown away at how great Saydee is with this little girl and that it has made the teachers job so much easier. No medal or award could ever make me prouder of my child.  True compassion and love for others!

What a special little girl who obviously has great role models and has a heart for others. Great job Saydee!!! So proud of you!!!



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