You can help FREE women and children from this HORRIBLE LIFE.


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We purchase the bands directly from the women/children that are making these bands so you know your helping the makers of your FREE-THEM BAND!

PLUS you can read the “story” of the maker of your FREE-THEM Band and share a note of encouragement, a thank you or communicate with the maker of your band via our website by simply tracking the code on your FREE-THEM BAND.

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Imagine owing someone a great deal of money…more than you will ever be able to pay on your own in your entire life. They threaten to take your home, your business( if you have one) and all your belongings leaving you and your kids with nothing!!!

Then one day a couple of friendly gentleman come along and offer to give you the money you need to pay off your debt. In exchange for that money you agree to simply let your daughter come and work for them. It is going to be a great job. In fact your daughter will be able to send home some money each week to help you live.  Your daughter gets a great job, you get to pay off all your debt and keep your house and your business. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone involved. Right?


Instead of going to work for these gentleman in a factory or an office your daughter is taken and sold as a slave in most cases to be used as a sex slave.

This is what takes place regularly around the world …TODAY!!! Yes TODAY! Not 100 years ago, not 50 years ago, not 10 years ago but TODAY!

How? How can something like this be happening right under your nose. IT IS! It is taking place not only in third world countries but also in industrialized countries like the USA, Canada, England, Italy and more.

In the USA it is estimated that 100,000 children are involved in the sex trade alone, when you include other trades used for human trafficking plus women over the age of 18 the numbers reach into the hundreds of thousands. It is now considered to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the USA and it has been said to be only second behind the drug trade as the largest criminal activity in the US.

According to the United Nations, human trafficking is taking place in 161 of the 192 nations of the world.

Women and children comprise 80% of the population of people being trafficked with children under the age of 18 taking up 50% of those numbers and most exposed to sexual exploitation by the age of 12.


There are a number of organizations that exist for the sole purpose of rescuing, protecting, educating and assisting these victims with everything they need to live a FREE life. In addition many of these organizations exist to educate children, women and families about this terrible crime so they will not allow it to happen to them.

Here is how you can help.

Our mission is to perform and inspire others to perform one million acts of kindness in one year. Everyday we come across people who need a helping hand, someone who could use a kind word or someone who simply needs a smile. All that is GREAT and we recommend you do it daily. However we would also like to have our acts of kindness effect people at a much deeper level as well.

What can be deeper than FREEDOM?

Can you help us FREE these people who are being exploited for sex and forced labor with little to no pay. Can you help?

Simply purchase a FREE-THEM BAND from the women/children who have been rescued from this horrible life. Purchase a FREE-THEM BAND from a woman/child who is at great risk of being sold for slavery and sexual exploitation.

Purchase a FREE-THEM BAND today.

These FREE-THEM BANDS are made by these people and sent to us directly from the organizations who have rescued them and protect and educate them. We in turn promote the FREE-THEM BANDS, sell them and send the profits back to the organizations to help them continue their great work.

Each band comes with a code. This code is the specific code of each designer/maker of the band. When you purchase your band you can look up the code on our website here and read your designer’s “story”. You can connect with this person and KNOW that you are making a difference for someone. You are PAYING IT FORWARD to someone from a financial standpoint AND then you can also PAY IT FORWARD even more by leaving your designer a note of encouragement or a thank you note sharing how much you LOVE your FREEDOM BAND.

WOW…how is that for PAYING IT FORWARD.


Below are a few of the pics of these FREE-THEM BANDS being made and the finished bands as well.

Current bands include the words PIF ( Pay It Forward), Kindness, Love, Strength, Hope, Persevere, and Peace. More keywords to come. If you have a keyword you would like to see please email us at and let us know. Also we can customize these bands for you with a business name or any other keyword you would like. Please contact us as well for this as well as high quantity discounts.








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