Day by Day Totals

September 28th, 2013 – PIFx1M Magazine 30,000

September 28th, 2013- Weekly PIF Friday email since May 20,000

September 28th, 2013 – Total for Hug Challenge- 1,000

September 26th, 2013 – Radio Show 10,000

September 4th, 2013 Radio Show- 10,000

September 1st- PIFx1m Magazine 30,000

August 19th, 2013 PBS Television Show 2,500,000

August 8th, 2013 Radio Show- 10,0o0

August 6th, 2013- BNI 25

August 1, 2013- PIFx1M Magazine 25,000

July 30th, 2013 – Radio Show 10,000

July 17th, 2013- Radio Show 10,000

July 1, 2013 – PIFx1M Magazine 25,000

June, 2013- Good Day Maine- 25,000

June 1, 2013- PIF x 1M Magazine. 20,000

May 31st- Our Local Heroes Day – 4,000

March- May 29th Text 4 Success Motivational Texts – 200

January-May29th – Motivational Pictures and quotes on PIFX1M Facebook – 500

September 28th – May 29th- Motivational Quotes on FB likes. 1500

May 29th – Spoke in Westbrook, Maine to a group at Ready Kids. 150 kids.

May 24th – Educational Moment at Networking Meeting on SPEAKING LIFE into people. 30

May24th- Motivational Email on the concept of PAY IT FORWARD to 80,000 people thanks to Jonathon Lockwood Huie

May 24th- First PIF Friday Email went out to 100 people.

May 16th- Spoke at Geiger Elementary in Lewiston, Maine to 25 6th graders. 25

May 16th- Headed out to the streets of Portland, Maine in the Old Port with about 15 students from Bonny Eagle High School and handed out chocolates, notes, flowers, hugs, hand shakes, compliments and more. 300

May 14th- Spoke to 50 5th graders at Jordan Small Middle School and handed out 100 PIFx1M Wristbands! 100

May 9th- Posted video of Paying It Forward in traffic. Happened multiple times.

May 9th- Spoke at TAKE A STAND…Against Bullying to 200 people. Shared the stage with the like of Jim Mayer of the Jimmy Buffet band, Jillian Jensen of the X-Factor, Shannon Selig and others. What an amazing event. Shared hugs, stories and tons of pay it forward opportunities with others including givng away 3 cupcakes. I was also interviewed by Ridin Steel the television show.

May 8th- 28- Dave Eid of Channel 13 did a story on PIFx1M. Had the opportunity to share my story and perform several acts of kindness. Papa Johns Pizza donated two pizzas ( 16 pieces) and I delivered them to the local police and fire stations. In addition I gave away 12 flowers to some lovely ladies who work at the local elementary school plus a bus driver and in addition the ladies who work at the local fire and police station. I also drove the pink car from OT Motor Sales and Tim and Sonja Devine that is being donated to help raise money for breast cancer research in Maine.

May 3rd- Picked up over 20,000 PAY IT FORWARD x 1 MILLION magazines for distribution.

May 3rd- Delivered 200 PAY IT FORWARD wristbands – In Memory of Jeannie to Judy Simoneau of Primerica in Westbrook, Maine.


April 15th- 5-  Today I help save a life by performing CPR on a woman who collapsed at church until the local police, firemen and medics arrived. I then drove to the hospital to meet her husband whom I have never met to just sit with him in case he was going to be alone. He was along for a few minutes until our church pastor and wife showed up but I was happy to be there with my friend Chuck until others arrived. In addition during that day I gave 4 hugs. I also held open a door to someone I didnt know.

April 13th and 14th- 1500- Planned and hosted a hockey tournament to benefit the Barrell family after they lost their loving wife and mom, Diane. With the help of many others we were able to raise $1500 and we had a GREAT time in the process!!

April 1st- 10,000- printing and distribution of the first ever PAY IT FORWARD x 1 Million Magazine. It was distributed in 4 regions: Gorham/Westbrook, Maine, Scarborough/OOB, Maine, South Portland/Cape Elizabeth, Maine and San Antonio, TX. The cover story was about a young boy, 3 1/2 years old who raised thousands of dollars for kids with cancer to give them toys and make their life better depsite his own life with brain cancer until he passed away at the age of 5.

April 1st- spoke to 100 8th graders at King Middle School on the POWER of Kindness. Included in the presentation was distribution of 200 Pay It Forward x 1 Million wristbands.

February 14th, 2013-10,000 est. We teamed up with people from all over the world including people in Africa, Australia, England, Canada and the USA including Maine, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and more. Together we made and distributed an estimated 10,000 Valentines Day cards to homeless shelters, nursing homes, prisons, battered women shelters and more.

February 14th, 2013- My PIF Birthday Pledge. Made 44 Valentines DAy packages which include a special note plus a piece of candy and delivered them to a local nursing home.

February – Spoke to 750 students at Wentworth Intermediate School. Over 1500 Pay It Forward x 1 Million wristbands were distributed to the students. They are tracking their acts of kindness and will be giving me a total at the end of the school year.

January 20th- Sent 30 toys to 30 kids in Liberia, Africa

January- 100 cards sent to family friend Rayce who was paralyzed in a freak accident. Included was a motivational wristband that Rayce wears regularly.  101


September 28th, 2012 – 1,000 . Teamed up with McDonald’s of Maine and 10 wonderful people to distribute 1000 free coffees in Portland, Maine in 50 minutes. We all gathered at a coffee shop afterwards to share stories. What a GREAT way to kick this off.


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