Do we dare? Do you dare?

Do you think a hug can improve your day? Do you think it could improve someone else’s day?

Let me share a story with you….A few years ago I was a practicing chiropractor. In addition I practiced acupuncture. One day a lady in her early 70’s came in with terminal cancer. She wanted to know if acupuncture could help her with her pain or with the cancer. I explained that it might help her with pain control. So we began treatment. This lady was a bitter woman, she was pretty angry at the world. Rarely smiled if ever and was just not a pleasant person. As treatment continued no progress was really being made. I could tell she was heading down hill pretty fast.

One day she came in and for no specific reason I decided to give her a hug. I asked her first, she said yes and I did. She left and the next time she came in I gave her a hug again. I explained to her that the power of human touch and sharing love through a hug might help her…not really know this for sure , I asked her to start giving 3-4 hugs a day to people. She said she would. Not too long after that she stopped coming in and I never heard from her. A few months went by and we were told that she had passed away.

About a year later I was filling my gas tank at a local gas station. A gentleman was behind me in his car filling his tank. As he was he said, ” Are you Dr. Steele?” I said yes I am why. He stopped pumping his gas and walked over to me and shook my hand. As he did he said, THANK YOU!!!

A little confused, I said, “For what?” He said do you remember a patient you told to start giving hugs? I said yes I do. ” That was my mom. She passed away a number of months ago but she was a different woman when she passed away. My mom had become bitter and angry and when you told her to start hugging people she started to change. Her last couple of months of her life were some of the most loving times we have experience with her. She was no longer bitter and angry but instead loving and caring and it is because of the hugs she started giving to everyone. So THANK YOU!!!”

I said your welcome and finished pumping my gas, got into my truck drove down the street and started crying like a little baby. I had no idea telling her to give those around her hugs would make a difference. I thought it might but I had no idea. This man totally touched my heart by sharing that story with me and something I will never forget. Prior to that time in my life I rarely gave hugs…since that time I give many, many hugs each and every day.

So here is what we are doing and I challenge you to take me up on this. Not only do I ask that you take me up in this challenge but I ask that you challenge your family, your co workers, your friends and neighbors as well to take the challenge.

I PROMISE YOU THIS!!!! It will change your life for the better…and if it doesn’t I will give you a full hug back guarantee!!

Take the challenge.

( The next 90 Day Hug Challenge will be starting soon, make sure to check back or better yet sign up for our email list and we will update you when we are about to begin)

To take the challenge simply do this.

Please go to our face book page and go to the events tab. There you will see an event for the 90 DAY HUG Challenge. Please attend and make a note on the challenge. Then please invite your friends. ALL OF THEM. And not only invite them but tag the pictures on their wall, post on their wall, scream it out via twitter…pick up the phone, anything and everything.


Thanks so much!!!!


Let’s change the world…one hug at a time!!!!

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