3 on 3 Hockey Rules

PAY IT FORWARD x 1 MILLION Benefit 3 on 3 Tournament Series Rules

Please note that this is not a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament.

Since most players and referees are most familiar with USA hockey rules we will follow those rules with the exceptions as listed below.

Each team will play games which will consist of 1-25 minute run time period. Last two minutes of this game will be stop time if the game is within 2 goals.

No games will end in a tie. Overtime rules will be as seen below.

A two-minute warm-up will be given prior to the start of each game.

A maximum total of 4 players may be represented on the ice from each team at any given time. (With the exception of the rule below regarding a 4 goal differential).

Minor Penalty will result in a penalty shot (with chasers). The player on whom the penalty was committed will take the penalty shot. If this player cannot take the shot then any other player from that team on the ice at the time of the infraction will take the shot. If the penalty is not committed against a specific player i.e. too many men on the ice etc then any player on the ice may take the shot. All players on the ice at the time of the penalty must stay on the ice until the whistle blows for the penalty shot. The shooter will take his/her place at the offensive blue line. All other players on the ice will start at center ice and chase the player with the puck. On the whistle the player with the puck will attempt to score on the opposing goalie. The chasers will also start on the whistle and play any rebound. If the goalie makes the save and covers the puck all players from the opposing team must clear the zone. If a rebound is given or the net is missed play will resume as usual without a stoppage in play.

Double minor will result in a penalty shot plus a 2 minute penalty being served by the player committing the penalty with teams playing at even strength and major penalty will be a penalty shot plus a 5 minute penalty being served by the player committing the penalty with the teams playing at even strength. Fighting will result in automatic ejection from the entire tournament.


Off Side will be tag up at all levels.

The only time a face off will take place after the initial start of the game faceoff is when the puck exits the playing area. At this time the faceoff will take place to the closest face off dot from where the puck exited the playing area.

NO ICING WILL BE CALLED unless there is a 2 goal differential in the last 2 minutes in the third period. At this time a faceoff will take place as per usual rules.

No face off will take place after a goal or a save. Instead all players from the opposing team will exit the zone and re-enter as soon as all players from that team have exited the zone. The goalie after a goal or a save will pass to or allow a teammate to retrieve the puck and begin play.

IF A GOAL DIFFERENTIAL REACHES 4 goals the losing team will be required to add 1 extra player on the ice. This means that the losing team will have 5 players total on the ice including the goalie. This will continue until the game reaches a differential of 3 goals at which time both teams will again go back to having a total of 4 players on the ice. If the goal differential does not reach 3 again then the game will finish with the losing team having 5 players on the ice at one time.

Point system
2 points will be awarded to the winning team of each regular game.

**** 1 point will be awarded to each team in the event of a tie during regular game time. HOWEVER no game will end in a tie. In the event a game does end in a tie each team will receive 1 point with the possibility of earning another point in overtime.

0 points will be given to a losing team of each regular game.

Overtime- ( all players must play before any player can go onto the ice for a second shift during overtime)

1-minute stop time 2 on 2. (Any player(s) can play)
1-minute stop time 1 on 1. (Any player(s) can play)
If still tied goalies will meet at the center face off dot for a face-off and the two will play (all goalie equipment must be worn (except blocker and glove) with goalie sticks) until one goalie scores.

Any penalties in OT will result in a penalty shot. A penalty that takes place during goalie vs. goalie will result in a regular playing coming off the bench to take a penalty shot against the opposing goalie. If no goal is scored, goalies will again resume play with the faceoff taking place in the offending goalies zone.

Playoffs – (only players that are on the official roster at the start of the tournament will be allowed to play in the playoffs). Any team caught playing for a team where they are not on the official roster will forfeit the game. )

The final standings will be determined upon the completion of all regular games. Standings will be based on the point system mentioned above. In the event of a tie in points, head to head competition will determine the higher seed. If a tie still exists then goals for/goals allowed will determine the higher seed. If still tied then lowest goals against will be the higher seed. If teams are still tied team to score quickest goal will be the high seed.

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