3 on 3 Benefit Hockey Tournaments

Benefit 3 on 3 Hockey Tournament 2014

April 11,12,13

Help us help others!!!!

Our goal is to make a dream come true for a young boy with a serious and chronic disease.

This year’s tournament will benefit 10 year old James Tapley.

One of my dreams is to make a dream come true for a child with a terminal or chronic illness. I approached the Dream Factory a couple of months ago to make this dream a reality. The Dream Factory of Maine is a non profit whose sole mission is to make dreams come true for kids with terminal or chronic illnesses. I was given a choice of 2-3 dreams to help make happen. As the dreams were revealed to me I knew without a shadow of a doubt the dream I wanted. I chose to make a dream come true for 10 year old James Tapley. James has a rare disease called  Mitochondrial Disease. It is life threatening and as of now there is no cure. James simply has to live with the symptoms and take medication every day to help him live. Despite the medications James still has bouts of sickness where he has to spend days in the hospital. In addition James has seizures, thyroid issues, heart issues just to name a few of the things James and his family deal with on a daily basis. Despite all this James, who could choose any dream he wanted including going to Disney or going to LEGOLAND or going to a pro sports event…anything…James chose too PAY IT FORWARD and pay for himself and 40 of his classmates to go to an amusement/water park near right in his home state. WOW…a 10 year old little boy choosing not something for himself but rather choosing something for his classmates to enjoy.

The proceeds of this tournament will go to help fund this dream. Please help us out.

Here is what we are asking…to cost for each team is $475. For a team of ten this equates to $47.50 per player. We are asking that the players each find sponsors to raise enough money to play in this tournament. YES we are asking that each player go out and raise the funds for them to play in this tournament AND if they want too they can even raise more to go towards this awesome cause. We want our kids to know how it feels and what an amazing gift they have to be able to help others. Will you help us help them and help James at the same time?

Join us in this fun, action packed tournament to not only play some great hockey but to help someone else at the same time.

Mite A ( this slot may be for an additional slot for peewee or squirts if we get enough teams) – April 12th 8 am-12 pm

Squirt A- April 12th 1 pm-5 pm

 Peewee April 13th 9:10 am- 12 pm

Bantam April 13th 1 pm – 5 pm

Men’s Division April 11th 6pm -10pm

High School- April 11th 6 pm – 10 pm

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3-30 minute run time games with a chance to play in a championship. (see tournament rules)

Cost: $475 per team (each team must have a minimum of 6 players and 1 goalie and a max of 9 players and 2 goalies) Teams must supply their own jerseys.

Location: USM Ice Arena

Tournament highlights: No stoppages in play, no face-offs, each penalty is a penalty shot with chasers and NO TIES (if game ends in a tie we will see 2 v 2, 1 v 1 and if needed Goalie v Goalie …see all rules here.


Slot will fill up fast so contact us ASAP if you are putting together  team. Deadline is April 1st.


Team Name: ___________________________ Team Contact: _____________________

Phone: __________________ Email Address: __________________________________

Division: Mite A_______   Squirt A________ Peewee A ________ Middle School _________ High School___________

Please send team registration/roster along with check for $475 made out to Pay It Forward x 1 Million to:


Clint Steele, 24-2 Elizabeth Street, Gorham, Maine 04038

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