3 Most Important Things I Learned On My Goal To 1 Million Acts of Kindness


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PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY- June 14th, 2013

PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY!!!! Today’s Act of Kindness is very simply to give a hug to someone. No reason whatsoever. Simply ask if you can give that person a hug and when they say yes…hug away!!!!
A few years ago I was a practicing chiropractor and acupuncturist. A lady in her early 70’s came in for pain control for a terminal cancer diagnoses. She was very bitter and angry. As treatment progressed I could see she was getting worse. Something told me one day to give her a hug. Each visit there after I gave her a hug. I told her to go home and start giving hugs, as many as she could could all day long. She passed away a few months later. … About a year later I stood at the gas station putting gas in my truck. A man in the car behind me walked up to me and asked if I was Dr. Steele? I said yes. He shook my hand and said THANK YOU!! He asked if I remembered a woman who came in with terminal cancer whom I told to start giving hugs. I stated yes. He said she was my mother. My mother was an angry, bitter woman towards the end of her life to the point we could not get close to her at all. ” I am not sure exactly what you told her about your hugs to her and about her giving us hugs but the last few months of her life were some of the most loving months I have ever had with my mom. THANK YOU!!!!

 Hugs make a difference. Give a hug today!!!! Then we ask that you take the 90 Day Hug Challenge. WE DARE YOU!!!. All details here. http://payitforwardx1million.com/90-day-hug-challenge/

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Our Local Heros Day A HUGE Success….

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever OUR LOCAL HEROES DAY.

Together we touched over 2,000 lives for the better. 2,000 Acts of Kindness. WAY TO PAY IT FORWARD!!!!

A special thanks to Todd Egan ( Denver, CO), Laurie Brown ( Boynton Beach, FL), Julie Hanson ( Las Vegas, NV), and JoEllen Clive ( Portland, Maine).



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Suspended Coffees??? How is that PAYING IT FORWARD?

This story will warm you better than a coffee in a cold winter day:
“We enter a little coffeehouse with a friend of mine and give our order. While we’re approaching our table two people come in and they go to the counter –
‘Five coffees, …please. Two of them for us and three suspended’
They pay for their order, take the two and leave. I ask my friend:
‘What are those ‘suspended’ coffees?’
‘Wait for it and you will see’
Some more people enter. Two girls ask for one coffee each, pay and go. The next order was for seven coffees and it was made by three lawyers – three for them and four ‘suspended’.
While I still wonder what’s the deal with those ‘suspended’ coffees I enjoy the sunny weather and the beautiful view towards the square in front of the café. Suddenly a man dressed in shabby clothes who looks like a beggar comes in through the door and kindly asks ‘Do you have a suspended coffee ?’
It’s simple – people pay in advance for a coffee meant for someone who can not afford a warm beverage. The tradition with the suspended coffees started in Naples, but it has spread all over the world and in some places you can order not only a suspended coffee, but also a sandwich or a whole meal.”

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Local Policeman Makes A Little Girls Day

Yesterday morning on my way to take my daughter Bella on a bike ride, to our dismay we realized her cherished Minnie Mouse bike that Santa brought her had been stolen, along with our jogging stroller. To say we were heartbroken is an understatement. Through many tears and reassuring hugs I managed to call in a police report. This afternoon I received a call from Officer Kohr that he was on his way with a brand new Princess bike. He not only surprised her with a bike that is her favorite color featuring her favorite princess he took the time to teach her how to ride it. This is kindness and selflessness at its finest. This officer went well above his call of duty and took the time to make a little girls day. I can not fully express how grateful I am. He has left such an impression in our hearts, and am thoroughly impressed with his generosity. Thank you once again Officer Kohr.
( help us appreciate and thank our local heroes on May 31st, OUR LOCAL HEROES DAY…click here for more info http://payitforwardx1million.com/events/our-heroes-daykids-who-care/) WE are also looking for more firemen and policemen stories please share with us at our facebook page, thanks!)

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35 Acts of Kindness on Her 35th Birthday ( this is awesome)

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a facebook message from face group named GOOD NEWS, GOOD DEEDS ( make sure to like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/goodnews.gooddeeds)

I followed them myself and have been inspired everyday. Desiree, one of the key people behind this page, recently contacted me with something I think is so AWESOME!!!

On her 35th birthday she celebrated by performing 34 acts of kindness for others. What an awesome way to celebrate.

The following are her 35 acts of kindness. WAY TO GO DESIREE…

Will you follow her lead and take the PAY IT FORWARD Birthday Challenge? I promise you it will be the most amazing birthday you have every had.

 Act 1 : I went through my bureau and closet and donated over half of my clothing to help Planet Aid with their efforts. Yes, I said over half my clothing ladies, lol…why? I really don’t need that many…let’s be honest, none of us do. It may change someone else’s world instead of collecting dust in my closet.

Act # 2 : My second kind act was spontaneous and random. I was returning bottles at the redemption center that we frequent. The young man that works there always looks miserable and put upon. I always feel like I am a burden to him, nonetheless he works hard and quickly. I figured there has got to be a reason he always seems to be in a bad mood and figured maybe a kindness would change his attitud…e. I got my bottle slip from the man and went up to the counter to turn it in for my money. I asked the old man at the cash register what kind of beer the bottle guy liked to drink, then bought it for him. I had the cashier wait until I left to give the young man the six pack and then tell him that a customer appreciates his hard work but maybe he could smile more?  I hope this lifted him a little and helped give him a smile if not a better attitude.
Act #3 : For my third act, I bought $100.00 worth of groceries for a local family going through a rough patch Happy birthday to me!!
Act #4 :  I am shipping a really cool toy ( I can’t spill the beans, cause it’ s a secret ) to these two beautiful little girls in the Philippines. They live in a dangerous area and cannot go outside to play. They don’t have many things to call their own and said their big wish is for a really big doll…hmmmm…I wonder what I can do about that???

Act #5 : My fifth act of kindness was really about 30 kindnesses wrapped into one.  I bought two huge bouquets of flowers. I made a little mix for my husband’s best friend’s grave and cleaned it up a bit and then I took the rest of the flowers and distributed them on lonely graves.

Act #6 : For my sixth kindness, on my way to the store last night, I let three cars out in front of me in traffic…such a simple kindness and it only takes a moment!

Act #7: For my seventh kindness I played doorman for 10 mins at the local convenience store.  I opened the door for every customer, smiled, and told them to have a wonderful night

Act # 8: For my eighth kindness, I let two people with less groceries than I had go ahead of me in line. I wasn’t in any hurry and they were very thankful.  I love the weird looks I get when I do these simple kindnesses!
Act #9:  I gave away one of my most important possessions, my paperback copy of Stephen King’s ” Lisey’s Story”. My King collection is my most treasured possession/possessions.
Act #10: Saved and planted a tree!!
Act #11:  Sorry the pic is awful, I forgot my camera…anywho, my 11th kind act was thought up by my husband. He gave me a bunch of quarters and told me to fill all the kids bubble toy machines outside Walmart with change, so the next kids could get free toys!
Act #12:  Again…I apologize for the blurry pic! This kind act was super-simple! I left $1.50 and a note saying to enjoy a drink on me on the soda machine outside of Walmart. Imagine my surprise when I opened GOOD NEWS, GOOD DEEDS this morning and found a thank you for the soda! Thank you Kayla for the birthday wishes!
“I was walking out of Walmart, and found the free drink! Thank you so much for brightening my day! Happy birthday and many blessings!” -Kayla

Act #13: The kids and I ran to McDonalds to get hot fudge sundaes, so we decided to pay for the vehicle behind us in line. Well…there was no one there! We drove around the building a few times, still no one!  So I drove up to the window and asked the young lady working if she could help me. I explained about my Birthday Project and handed her a note to Pay it Forward and a $10.00 bill.

Act #14: This is a huge one!  I have started on this kindness but it may be years before we see the “big” fruit of my efforts and the efforts of this beautiful Filipino family.  I wanted to share this kindness with everyone to show that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can change someone’s life. It doesn’t matter if you may not have the resources at your fingertips, you go out and… make it happen, not taking no for an answer.  For my 14th act of kindness I am sponsoring a family and helping them step by step with the process of seeing their dream of becoming American citizens become a reality.  The Dad has a college degree in Chemistry and the Mom also has a degree yet they live in poverty in a dangerous area of the Philippines. Dad works two jobs and Mom takes in work doing everything from baby-sitting to other women’s laundry for pesos a day. They want a better life for their children and for themselves. Their children have never ridden a bike, never swam in a lake, never enjoyed the view from a mountain. They have never been able to play freely like children should. These children deserve a good, free education and meadows to frolick in. I intend to give it to them. I have pledged to find Dad employment, housing, and the support they need to get on their feet.  We haven’t completed one form yet, but just my words of encouragement and advice is changing this family’s lives. I’m seeing it right before my eyes and the change is amazing! I’ll keep you updated on this brave family’s story as we move them along towards their dream. You can help too by donating to help me with this cause. I have a Paypal set up for the Derla Family. The email address on that is: goodnewsgooddeeds.org@gmail.com Thank you!

Act 15- This was a random act of kindness for the town of Steep Falls/Standish Maine. After an appointment this evening I happened to drive by this park and happened to have trash bags in my truck. I decided to pick up all the litter from in and around the playground and park.  It only took me less than half an hour, the park looks great, and there’s no more broken glass for the little ones to hurt themselves anymore


Act # 16: While I was at the park cleaning up litter for Act 15, I decided to leave little trails and piles of change (heads up, of course) for children to find as they played on the playground.  As I was picking up trash I was watching three little children delight in finding the piles of treasure. This kindness was so simple and so much fun!


Act # 17: This is a simple kindness that we should all do more often.  My big sister and her husband live 16 hours away from me by car. We are lucky to see each other once every two years. So I called them this morning and left a message just telling them how much I love them. Call a relative or an old friend, let them know how much they mean to you!


Act # 18 : Cookie Kindness!! One of my favorite kind acts to do!  I made some chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookies as a gift for our neighbor and walked them down to him. He’s an older gentleman who lives alone, so every once in awhile we drop him off a treat to make him smile.


Act # 19: Not too long ago, we lost a dear family friend way before her time. She was a big part of our little beach community for over 20 years and she is dearly missed. Today, April 19th is her birthday…so I decided to take plants and items from my gardens and create a little memorial garden, complete with a solar light that will shine at night, in Patti’s memory.  It is at the beach where we all hold so many memories of her.  I can’t wait until it blooms and grows! We love you Patti and Happy Birthday! I hope you like it.


Act# 20: Since my actual birthday is the 20th and one of my biggest passions are my book collection. I love books, any book…I have some I love more than others that I have carted around for eons with me.  The next couple of kindness involve these books I love so much. For this act, I am leaving two of my favorite books from my collection in random places in town as gifts for the person who happens to pick it up. There is a note inside and a Smile Card attached (Get your free random act of kindness cards here: http://www.helpothers.org/cards.php) …I’m hoping the lucky recipient passes the book on in the same fashion once they enjoy reading it


Act # 21:  I went through my book collection and donated a tote worth of books to the tiny library here in town


Act # 22: I put a one dollar bill and a random acts of kindness card inside one of the books I donated to the library! It could be years before this kindness is discovered!


Act #23: For this kindness, I bought flowers for the girls who work at TD Bank. They are always so kind, helpful and supportive of GOOD NEWS, GOOD DEEDS…I just had to show them some love and tell them they are appreciated!


Act # 24 : My little helper is displaying one of the three Matchbox gifts we left in random places ( generously donated by Dan Jordan, thank you Dan! ) The boys taped one on the wall in a boys restroom for me. We left one on a bench, and the last one we gave to a little boy at the store. It’s fun to give others gifts for my birthday!


Act #25: The kids and I were out getting a pizza last night. While waiting for it to cook, we took a spin down to the Standish Boat Launch and cleaned up the parking lot, launch and beach area of all trash I know, it’s cheating to have them help…but who could say no?? Lol…

Act #26:  This is my backyard, the front of my home looks over one of the biggest lakes in Maine. I have been blessed growing up on beautiful Sebago Lake. I got to swim, fish, canoe whenever I wanted. The land has the most beautiful views and is filled with nature’s wonders. It’s like living inside of a National Geographic. I had a magical childhood. I am doubly blessed because I now own this gorg…eous land I grew up on. I never knew how lucky I was until I lived in the city and saw that the children were super excited over a sprinkler. For my kind act I have pledged to host two wonderful little children at our home this Summer for a three-day summer camp and to transport them to and from miniature horse camp that one received for Christmas from Shayham miniature horse camp and one who was chosen by GNGDs to go.  We will be tenting out, canoeing, fishing, swimming, making s’mores over a big bonfire and all kinds of other fun things.  Giving these children an opportunity they might not normally have and a memory to last a lifetime! I am so excited for August! Can’t wait!
Act # 27:  My cousin Ella and her beautiful daughter Kenna are raising money for the American Cancer Society through the Relay for Life. What better way to celebrate my birthday then by helping the people who dedicate their lives to making sure one day Cancer is only a word found in a dictionary?  Thank you Ella and Kenna for pledging your time and efforts for this great cause. I donated $10.00 to… their efforts…anyone want to join me? https://secure.acsevents.org/site/Donation2?idb=1637472891&df_id=1010546&1010546.donation=form1&FR_ID=50422&PROXY_ID=32377453&PROXY_TYPE=20 P.S. Yes, I noticed the misspelling in the cake.  But look how hard they worked to create that amazing cake! They should be applauded, not criticized
Act # 28: While stopped at a gas pump in E. Baldwin, Maine today, I left a tool set as a gift for the next person who stopped to get gas. I hope he/she likes it! Thank you to Jim for the tools
Act # 29: While out and about today, I stopped at a playground, taped two $1.00 bills together and hid them somewhere for a lucky child to find!

Act # 30: My family and I went Geocaching (http://www.geocaching.com/) and hiking on the Sebago to Sea trails between Rt237 and the Otter Ponds. We found 3 caches and I practiced  “Cache In Trash Out ” by picking up all the litter along our hike! If you’ve never heard of or tried Geocaching, check it out, it’s so much fun!

Act # 31: I absolutely love to garden and I am blessed with way too many perennials. Friends of ours just bought a new to them home and have been wanting some flowers to plant. So I dug up a bunch out of my gardens and brought them over to her to get her started
Act # 32:  We frequent the Pit Stop Gas Station in Standish ME. So tonight, while I was there getting milk, I bought the girls who work there a couple of scratch tickets each…just to let them know they are appreciated! I hope they win big!
Act # 33: Our family tries to shut down the power for an hour every evening…today we shut the power down to the house for a total of 3 hours! My small gift to Mother Earth.

Act #34: I had a young mother stop and talk to me. She was new in town, saw me with all my children and asked me if there were any fun places to take her kids in the area. I spent about 20 mins of my time telling her about all the great natural attractions and playgrounds in the area. It didn’t take much time and she was very grateful! Take the time to give directions or advice to strangers.

Act # 35: For my final act of kindness, I knew it had to be a big one. It had to be hard, it had to hurt, it had to change my life and others’ significantly.  I knew what I wanted to do, but didn’t know if I could find it within myself to do it. There is someone in my life who I felt betrayed me and hurt my family pretty badly. What was done, was to me unacceptable and I haven’t spoken to this per…son in years. This grudge has been starting to affect myself and my family in a negative way and I know I need to forgive and move on. Not forget, never forget…but to move forward and beyond he anger and hurt so I can be free. For my 35 kindness, I am forgiving this person and letting go of the wasted anger and negative feelings. I’m removing the bonds from both of us so maybe we can begin anew. It’s tough to look inside of us, see what’s wrong and grow because of it. It takes courage to face these difficult things, but our lives benefit so much from it.
Way to go Desiree!!!!

If you would like to join Desiree and take the PAY IT FORWARD Birthday Pledge check out the details here.

Please share with us your pledge and your acts and we will post here as well as promote on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/payitforwardx1millionproject

Who knows, we may even write an article for our magazine and share it with over 20,000 others.


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Jordan Small M.S

Jordan Small Middle School is located in Raymond, Maine. The 5th graders in this school have taken the initiative to prove the POWER OF KINDNESS does work. Each student received two wristbands. One is for them to wear each day to remind them to be kind. The other is to go out into the community and perform an act of kindness. Please share the act of kindness that was performed on you and how it made you feel. THEN PLEASE GO OUT AND PAY IT FORWARD!!!!



2 Responses to Jordan Small M.S

  • A Pay It Forward Fan... says:

    My brother and I don’t have the greatest relationship. We have some sibling rivalry. When he came to me out of the blue and gave me a hug, it really made my day. I love you little bro!

    Raymond, Maine

  • A Pay It Forward Fan... says:

    One of the students at Jordan Small School told me he liked my jacket and that is was cool!!!


    Gorham, Maine


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30 Seconds to Death…One Man’s Story of Observing Our Local Heroes Performing a Miracle

L to R: Ofc. Dean Hannon II, FF/Paramedic Dean Belanger, FF Joey Haberny, FF David Webb, FF/EMT Brandon Brichetto, FF Dave Kroll, FF/EMT-I Chad Charland, Ofc. Ted Hatch


30 Seconds To Death


April 15th, 2013, 6:50 pm…most everyone has the nightly news on watching the video footage of the Boston Marathon bombings. I have never been big on watching the news although I did catch bits and pieces of it earlier in the day and knew what was going on. I figured I would wait and sort through the stories later to find the heart warming, hero stories that come out of events such as this, proving the goodness in the majority of people instead of the evil in a few.

Instead of staying home to watch the news I decide to head to a men’s group meeting at church like I have many times on Monday evenings. I have always enjoyed the camaraderie and the uplifting message that is so often shared at these meetings and today I felt like I needed this more than ever.


As I enter the room the men are sitting in a horseshoe style format with our leader up front speaking. I pull up a chair just behind everyone so I can not only listen but also play with my phone with out everyone noticing. As I listen to the message and look through my phone, little do I know that my life is about to change forever. Little do I know the life of someone whom I have never met is in extreme danger in a room right across the hall. Little do I know of the events that are about to take place.
Suddenly the door opens to the room and in walks a little girl. She seems a little anxious and speaks in a hurried manner with a tone that comes across as a little scared. She speaks loudly enough so all of us can hear and says…” I think the woman needs help, she fell down and is not talking.”

My heart quickly sinks as I stand up and hurry across the hall into the other room. Three other men do the same. As I enter the room I see a woman laying on the floor with her eyes wide open but her body in a very rigid catatonic state. As I kneel to try and speak with her she stares right into my eyes but is unable to say anything. I hear a voice say, “let’s move her away from these chairs.” Her body is up on her side with part of her back up against the legs of some stacked chairs. We slowly move her away from the chairs so she is lying flat on the floor. I hear the guys behind me talking on the phone sharing the address of the church. I reach down for her wrist to check for a pulse. It is very faint so I move to her neck and still, I can only find a very faint pulse. Another man is up towards her head and he is trying to get her jaw unlocked. She continues to stare into my eyes as I speak to her. There is no response. Another man standing behind me grabs her hand and just holds it. I can still hear someone talking on the phone. I move my hand back to her wrist to try to find her pulse again. The faint pulse I had earlier is gone so I move back to her neck, that pulse is gone too.

I look back at her eyes and still she continues to stare into mine but this time there seems to be more intensity as if she is trying to talk to me. Her white face is now turning blue. More and more blue, my heart sinks even further as I know what has to be done. It has been years since I was certified in CPR but I have to try. I have to! The man at her head works hard to get her jaw to unlock so he can open her mouth so we can start CPR. Finally…her mouth is open. Without even speaking to each other we both just know we have to do. He starts breathing and I start chest compressions. Oh Lord, please, Oh Lord please I just keep saying to myself. I look into her eyes again and this time her eyes speak back to me…”please help me, please help me”. “ Come on you can do this, you got this, please Lord, please,” I just keep saying to myself over and over. “ You can do this, you have to live” We stop and check for a pulse again, I think I might have one but it is so light that maybe it’s my imagination just hoping. Then it sounds like she is taking a breath, but again not sure as it may just be air coming back out the man put into her. We have to keep going I think to myself and again with out saying a word we start up again. I look back into her eyes again as they begin to close…”Help me, HELP ME” they say to me. Suddenly I see a tear start to form in one corner of her eye.  As her eyes close the tear slowly slides down the side of her face.

Without warning another man walks into the room. It’s a policeman. He kneels down and opens up his bag. “Continue chest compressions,” he says to me as he sets up leads onto her chest and places a device into her mouth. I continue chest compressions as he continues to work. He asks me to stop and move away…”CLEAR” he yells and a second later her body jumps as the electricity passes through it.

The civilians who helped save a life that night. L-R Back Paul Lambert, Charles Carman, Clint Steele, Tom Pequinot
Front Row- Carlie Carman, Brooke Carman


Several more men walk into the room. I get up and move out of the way to allow them to do what they do. As I step back I am in awe of how these men are working together and talking to each other. Like a well-oiled machine they work. I keep hearing one of the police officers asking the EMT how long. 10 minutes. Then again… 12 minutes. The men continue to work. “Clear,” again her body jumps as the electricity passes through it. Three men trade off chest compressions. Another man is placing an IV into her arm. “What’s the time?” I hear again. “15 minutes”

Please Lord, please Lord I just keep saying to myself. The men continue to work, they are so calm and cool but as time goes by I can tell they are all growing more and more concerned.

Every so often they seem to get a heart beat but then it seems it is lost again, but I really can’t tell what is going on as I am trying to keep my distance. “Time,” I hear again. “18 minutes, CLEAR” her body shakes again as the electricity passes through it. “Please Lord, please, “ I just keep saying to myself.

”Ok we got it.” One man says. “Time?” “19 minutes and 30 seconds”. “Let’s transport her”.

Two of the men run out and bring back a hard board. The men work together to put her on the board. Finally she is on her way out to the ambulance and heading to the hospital, it felt as though it may never come.

Three of us watch as they upload her into the ambulance. One of the policemen walks over to us and says, “well she is headed to the hospital but she is not out of the woods.” He explains to us that if they had reached 20 minutes without detecting a specific pulse, they would not have been able to transport her.
Later while at the hospital the doctor informs us the woman is not doing well. They are going to induce a medical coma and they have no idea what will happen when they bring her out. The doctor continues to tell us that even if she does come out of the coma ok her brain went long periods of time with no oxygen so not to expect much.

Two days later I head back to the hospital to see her. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if she were ok” I say to myself as I approach the ICU unit. The nurses direct me to her room and as I approach I see a woman sitting upright in bed watching TV. I am amazed. I walk in and introduce myself for the first time. WOW…it is like nothing every happened. She even says to me, “ I don’t know why I am here, I feel fine.”

A miracle? As I spoke with doctors and the men at the scene that Monday night I believe it was a miracle. This woman happened to be at church. If she had not come to church that night to watch a few kids she would have been at home where no one was home nor would have been home for some time. The little girl who walked over to us knowing something was wrong. 19 minutes and 30 seconds…30 more seconds and she would not have been transported to the hospital. The medics, policemen, firemen and doctors at the hospital, all of whom have been doing this for years and years, are amazed that this woman is alive, let alone fine.

30 seconds from death? Maybe…or maybe it is someone wanting you to be in awe of Him. For me it is the latter.


I believe that God works through us. I believe that God worked through many men and one little girl that night. All of who stepped up and made it happen.

Now more than ever I have the utmost respect for our local heroes, our policemen, firemen and paramedics. All of you are incredible! The way you all worked that night was inspiring. My hat is off to all of you.


To the men and the one little girl who stood up at that men’s group meeting to lead and to aid someone whom you didn’t even know…you are incredible and I am proud to have served with you!


We were all an instrument of God that night. Thank you!


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Pay It Forward x 1 Million Story- Can You Help? / Short Version

Help us change the lives of million for the better.

Let’s change the lives of kids, jr high and high school students, young adults, middle age adults and the elderly.



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How Bad Do You Want It?

How bad do you want it? Check out today’s motivational video clip. If this doesnt get you fired up then you probably dont have a pulse.

PAY IT FORWARD x 1 Million is all about motivating, encouraging, inspiring and empowering you to live your best life possible…THEN…PAY IT FORWARD and help others do the same. Check back daily as we post new videos, audios, quotes and more to help you live your best life possible. These will also be posted each day on twitter, @drcs56, and on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/payitforwardx1millionproject. If something inspires you please share it to help me reach my million acts of kindness. THANKS!!!




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