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November 15th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS Act of Kindness

ROAD Kindness Friday


How often do we hear about someone getting cut off in traffic and just losing it. ROAD RAGE…well today let’s practice ROAD KINDNESS. Today ( and every day for that matter) let’s really work on letting people in front of us for no other reason than just to be kind.

Today while driving to work, running errands, driving home from work…wherever you happen to be driving…take a deep breath and demonstrate ROAD KINDNESS!!!


Check out an actual demonstration here. Enjoy




PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY- November 8th, 2013

November 8th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS Act of Kindness

Encourage a Stranger

We all have bad days, we all have down times and periods in our lives where things just seem to never go our way. It is during these times a word of encouragement can go a long way. Sometimes it comes from a loved one or a friend but sometimes that encouragement can come from a total stranger and the strange thing is….sometimes the encouragement from a stranger goes a lot further than from a loved one.

So today I am asking you to encourage a stranger or even someone you don’t know very well. I will even take it a step further this week and ask that you encourage a stranger I am going to encourage. His name is Aaron. He is the son of a facebook friend of mine. He has found himself in the middle of a hard time right now and is currently serving a sentence in prison. I do not know how long, I do not know why all I know is that he is going through a tough time and with the holidays close at hand he is growing more and more discouraged. So with your help maybe we can send him some encouragement so he can make it through this tough time in his life.


Here is the message from his mom:
I hate to ask for help, but I need to.  Holidays are already hard on inmates so God gave me an idea. I’m asking for anyone who feels led, to send him a note of encouragement. {especially MEN} I want him to be bombarded over the next 30 days with whatever God lays on someone’s heart to share with him. …I just think it would be good for him to hear from other people besides his parents. Plus, kids don’t always hear what mom and dad have to say.

If you send a card, keep it plain…no glitter, music, etc. they will throw it away or return it to you if it has any of those things because they’re SO picky.

Thank you so much, I appreciate you!

Aaron Chealey #78085 2110 N. 20th St. East Omaha, NE 68110


Thanks everyone. Enjoy your Friday!!!!

3 Most Important Things I Learned On My Goal To 1 Million Acts of Kindness

PIF Friday Nov 1st, 2013 – Coins For Kids Friday

November 1st, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAYS Act of Kindness


Coins for Kids Friday

This is so cool and easy to do. Before you leave the house today grab a pocket full of coins. You know you have some around. If not stop somewhere early and get a couple of dollars worth of coins and put them in your pocket.

As you go about your day be on the lookout for kids who might be crossing your path. When you happen to notice a child or some children heading your way simply take some of that change out of your pocket and place them on the ground where you know they will see them.


Then simply watch their faces as they notice the coins they have just found. It will surely brighten your day.

If you don’t think you will comes across any kids today then go out of your way to take some coins or perhaps a dollar to a child you know and leave it for them to use as they please. It will brighten their day and you know it will brighten yours.



PAY IT FORWARD Friday…10/25/2013

October 25thm 2013 PAY IT FORWARD Friday Act of Kindness


 Compliment Someone’s Kids Friday


Today’s act of kindness…Anyone who has kids takes pride in them. We all think our kids are the best kids on earth and love them so much BUT when someone else notices something in our kids that is special is means so much to us. So today take a moment to point our and compliment someone about his/her child/children.   Enjoy your PAY IT FORWARD Friday everyone!!!!

Pay It Forward Friday- September 13th, 2013


September 13th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness

Today’s act of kindness is so simple and yet so often overlooked. How many times have you had poor service or an issue with some kind of service and you immediately ask for the manager to complain or deal with the issue at hand? Now in comparison how many times have you had good or great service and never asked to speak to a manager to let him/her know of the awesome service you just had? In most cases it is usually the negative experiences that most often get the attention. Well today we are going to change that and hopefully make a decision to change this more in the future.
Today you will surely be served by someone. It may be at a coffee shop, it may be at the local cleaners, it may be at a local restaurant or it may even be a cashier at the grocery store. As this happens today I want you to focus on something positive that happens during the interaction. Then I simply want you to ask for the manager once that transaction is done. Please notice the reaction of the server at this time. When the manager arrives simply tell the manager of the positive experience you just had and make sure to compliment the server.

This is a great way to PAY IT FORWARD today and it will cost you NOTHING!!!!


Change a life today for the better.


PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY…September 6th, 2013

September 6th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness


The giving of a flower goes back to the beginning of time. A flower given can mean anything from I love you to thanks for being a friend to get well soon. No matter the reason…giving a flower is a perfect way to show someone you care and to spread kindness into the world.

Todays act of kindness is to very simply give a flower to someone today. It can be someone you know, it can be a stranger, it can be a bouquet of flowers, it can be a single flower…whatever you choose.

I promise you…it will totally brighten someone’s day.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!!

Pay It Forward Friday August 30th, 2013

August 29th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness



Chances are you are a parent or a grandparent and if you are not chances are you have a niece or a nephew or if nothing else you know a kid. At least give me that!!! : ) I recently had the pleasure of being asked to appear on a television show called Creating Cooperative Kids with Bill Corbett. This is a public access show that goes to over 250 affiliates with a about 10,000 people watching in each location. ( 2.5 million people). My discussion with Bill involved speaking about how parents can influence their kids to pay it forward. As I stated on the show… ” once a child understand that they, one person, they make a difference in the world guess what happens to their self esteem, guess what happens to their self worth and their self confidence. Guess what happens to bullying in school when kids don’t have to pick on others to make themselves feel better. Guess what happens to bullying in schools when a child’s self worth is so strong that someone calling them a name doesn’t even phase them. Guess what happens when a young person feels so good about themselves that they don’t have to turn to drugs, or alcohol or peer pressure to feel better about themselves. ” So today…I want you to get a child involved and teach them the power of kindness by PAYING IT FORWARD!!! Today is wild card Friday….you get to choose what you want to do however you have to do it with a child and or teach a child how to do it and then make sure they do it. ( Some examples: taking some old toys that they don’t use anymore and donate them, read to a younger child, give someone a hug, open a door for several people, let a child pay a toll, let a child pick someone at a restaurant for whom you can buy a dessert or a coffee, make a card for a local firefighter or policeman or anyone). Please send us emails or reply on our facebook what you choose to do and if you can take pics and send us them so we can use them here.


See below my segment on the Creating Cooperative Kids show if you would like to watch it.

PIF Friday August 23rd, 2013- Post It Note Friday!!!! : )

August 23rd, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness


Find a stack of post it notes you have lying around, you know you have them. Now take out one at a time and simply write a note of encouragement, a positive message or anything to bring a smile to someone’s day and leave a trail wherever you go. : )

Here are a few of mine. I post a couple in the Panera I worked at this morning and a few more I will be leaving as I go about my day.

Simple enough and yet you never know who you might touch today with a simple note of encouragement.

Have fun and please be sure to send us your pics and your comments so we can share on our facebook, twitter, our website and more.















PIF Friday…Jluy 26th, 2013…THE WAVE!!!

July 26th, 2013 PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY Act of Kindness


This is so much fun!!! As you are walking down the street or the mall or the park or where ever you might see some strangers simply pick up your hand and wave at them. If you want add a “HEY” or add a  YOU ROCK or just whatever.

Have fun with it and make someone smile today and make someone’s day better.